Generations have depended on Werner-Harmsen Funeral Home of Waupun

We are dedicated to provide the funeral service which meets your family’s needs. Our funeral home provides a full range of funeral service options, from the traditional funeral service to immediate cremation service and any combination thereof. Whether it is a traditional funeral or a memorial ceremony, we’ll create a meaningful and unique tribute. We’re committed to meeting the needs of each family by offering personalized products and services that cater to individual wishes.

While serving people of all faiths, creeds and cultural backgrounds, you can be assured that your specific needs and wishes will be honored as part of our philosophy of providing individual personalized service. Above all, we are here to guide and assist you through every step of the funeral process including preparation, ceremony, burial and aftercare. Our licensed funeral directors are a valuable resource in outlining your many options and in assisting you in fulfilling these options.

Funeral Services

We are honored to serve families in the Waupun, Brandon, Alto, Burnett, Oakfield and other surrounding communities. We serve families of all denominations, congregations, and walks of life with respect as they prepare a meaningful service to honor their loved one. Funeral services may be held at our funeral home, a church, cemetery, or location that would be most meaningful to your family.

Our traditional service includes a visitation the evening prior to the day of service. Some families find that a visitation on the same day as the service works best for them. We offer a wide variety of choices of caskets, burial vaults, register books, memorial folders, acknowledgment cards and cremation merchandise in our display area. We will provide an itemized general price list to you at no cost or obligation.

Memorial Services & Cremation

Some people choose to be cremated. The viewing and funeral service may take place before the cremation actually occurs. The visitation can be held the night before or on the same day as the funeral service.

A rental casket or a casket specifically designed for cremation will be used. Others choose to have a memorial service take place after cremation with the urn, pictures of your loved one, and memorabilia present. We will assist you in honoring your loved one with gratitude, respect, and love, of a life well lived.


Many individuals pre-plan their funeral to have confidence in knowing that their wishes will be carried out, and that they have relieved an emotional burden from their family. During the pre-planning conference, you think clearly, have proper answers, and have everything available for the time of need. If you wish, you can also pre-fund your services. We have two financial vehicles for your use; bank funded Certificates of Deposit and Life Insurance Burial Contracts.

Which ever option you choose, both will shelter and protect your funds from creditors. By pre-funding services, you can be assured that money is available and will prevent the financial burden from falling on your family. You may pre-arrange without pre-paying or you may pre-pay without pre-arranging, or you may choose to do both. It’s important that you are comfortable with your decision.

Grief Support

The staff at Werner-Harmsen Funeral Home understands that grief does not end with the funeral. Our care does not end there either. We will continue to care about you and are here to help you throughout your grieving process.

As part of our continuing care, we send a series of books appropriately called “Continuing Care Series.” These books are designed to support you during this time. If one feels they need personal counseling, grief counseling is available through various hospitals in the area.